Bass Kitchen Records Announcement – 貝斯廚房唱片 公告

Bass Kitchen Records

For the last six years or so, I had always said I’d love to run a record label one day but not until I have a decent amount of spare time to put into it. More recently I have come to the realisation that I will actually never have a decent amount of spare time as long as I tour/produce/host a weekly radio show and that I just have to bite the bullet and work doubly hard to make it happen. And so, Bass Kitchen Records begins… or should I say is reborn as a record label ( already exists courtesy of the Bass Kitchen Poland team and is active right now as an online record store).

過去六年來,我一直期盼有一天生活中有足夠多餘的時間時,能夠自己經營一個唱片出版社。近期,在無數的巡迴演出,音樂製作以及每週的電台節目之下,我漸漸發現其實我這樣下去根本不會有空。當然,除非我真的把自己的肝都賣了,咬牙苦撐。於是貝斯廚房唱片的故事從這裡開始。(或者應該說重生,貝斯廚房在波蘭的團隊已有設立最初始的貝斯廚房唱片,而至今仍為一個極活躍的線上音樂商店。 網站: )

I have never undertaken a project like this before but the timing seems right, with Bass Kitchen well into its fifth year and clubnight branches already active in the UK, Poland, Germany, Canada and across Taiwan – there is already a global promotional network in place. Bass Kitchen Records will bring the same styles of music you would typically hear at our clubnights around the world – an eclectic mix of good underground bass heavy electronic music in various forms. I am currently working on the first release with some big names getting on board for remix duties.


On a personal note, it is incredible to see how far Bass Kitchen has come, having begun with me and a couple of mates throwing events in the tiniest venues dotted around Bristol. Its hard to predict where it will lead but I feel that this is the next huge step towards something pretty special. Watch this bass for more info…

對我個人來說,看貝斯廚房能夠走得這麼遠,真的很不可思議。從一個只會在布里斯托各個超小型場地出現的活動(比較像是朋友聚會,因為觀眾不多), 到現在能如此實在是很奇妙。很難說接下來這一步跨出去後會如何,但我認為這一步將會是對音樂影響極大的一步。這個網站會公布更多相關資訊,歡迎訂閱。

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