Note To Underground Music DJs / 我想要寫給地下(非主流)音樂DJ們的話

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To all the DJs around the world who have stuck to their guns, kept it underground and kept playing the music you love…

You have my utmost respect. It is painful to think how much big business has muscled into the music industry (especially electronic music) in recent years and pulled all the strings. The industry’s richest and most powerful businesspeople dictate the music that reaches the masses every second of every day. To everyone that didn’t jump ship from the music you love for a quick financial reward, well done. Without those DJs, producers, promoters, label owners, bloggers, word spreaders and party-goers the world would only ever hear a particularly narrow band of mainstream music – Think how many amazing memories would never have taken place, incredible experiences would never have happened, people who wouldn’t have made it through hard times and lasting friendships that never would have been made without the amazing array of different styles of music being exposed to people every day. What keeps me moving forward in the right direction is knowing that I can be responsible for more of this in the future and if I can introduce someone to a style of music they fall in love with, it could change their life. DJs, keep pushing what you love to the world and keep making the difference.

給世界各地的所有堅持自己的原則、不屈服於主流、堅持underground sound,堅持你自己所愛音樂的DJ們。







Translation: Erin Weng

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