Underground Sounds Radio Show

DJ Chamber hosts the Underground Sounds Radio Show on ICRT FM 100 every Saturday 22:00-23:00 (Taiwan time). Expect an eclectic mix of all things dope, sick and soulful across the musical spectrum…

由DJ Chamber主持的地下音樂節目在每週六晚上10點到凌晨在FM100電台撥出,在每周二晚上11點到凌晨1點重複播放.

About Underground Sounds / 關於

Underground Sounds launched in 2013 as a weekly show on ICRT Radio hosted by DJ CHAMBER. The show aimed to spread good underground music around Taiwan which simply wasn’t being heard on any radio station at the time. Underground Sounds fast developed into a party brand, DJ crew and clothing label – all working together to broaden Taiwan’s music scene.

地下音樂是在2013年由ICRT電台DJ Chamber主創。此活動是針對在台灣的電台所沒有聽過的地下音樂為主向.地下音樂很快的發展為一個派對品牌,DJ 團隊,還有服裝品牌共同拓展台灣樂壇。

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